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When the time comes to renovate, you shouldn’t turn you house over to just anyone. You need a remodeling contractor you can trust, a company that has the experience with a reputation for quality and service to guide you through the process from start to finish.

As professional remodelers, we know the inconvenience any renovation project can cause if handled improperly.  We take the necessary steps to assure that our customers will feel comfortable and secure throughout the renovation process.


Gehrig Construction takes a great amount of pride in the completed project.  In most instances, our standards are higher than those of our customers .  We always meet and in many cases exceed building codes to provide our customers with an exceptional job.

Get started the right way - Call us first when considering a renovation


We can help you establish your needs as well as develop a preliminary design that will work within your budget. Most of the time staying where you are and renovating your home is the right choice, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes we are approached by customers for a bid with plans they had an architect prepare for a project that exceeded their budget or was just out of line with the post construction value of the home. Many projects like this are never built, the money spent on drawing plans wasted. All because attention was paid to the size and design without regard to the customer’s budget or with an incorrect idea of what the project would actually cost.


We will assist you in determining whether the project is feasible based on several factors including the condition of your existing house and lot, the necessity for building or lot coverage variances, and of course, your budget. By asking the right questions we can better understand your needs as well as help you understand the costs involved in bringing the project to life. We can help develop a preliminary design for your renovation including the materials to be used before handing it over to one of the competent architects we work with for the final drawings. By being involved in the planning and design phase of your project we can save you time and money. It is also an opportunity for us to show our expertise and our commitment to our customers.


Did you know?  Renovation doesn’t have to be dirty!


The first step in any size project is to carefully prepare your house and yard before the project starts to prevent damage to your property as well as that of your adjoining neighbors. We take the time to lay down drop cloths and install dust barriers between rooms when necessary. Our day isn’t complete until we have thoroughly cleaned up the work area. When we leave the job for the day we secure your home against weather and intruders.




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